One of my favorite things about church is the fact I get to serve in Sunday School and I have my favorite age group – four year olds. There is something about this age – being totally potty trained, minds like sponges and loving unconditionally at all times. Today is Palm Sunday and so I took my resurrection eggs to church. Truth be told, I truly took them more for me, than them. I love these eggs. They tell the story of Palm Sunday to Jesus’s death. In case you have never seen them, this is how they tell the story:
They come in a regular carton, like all eggs do, and are colored, like normal “bunny” eggs would be. But – more special then bunny eggs – they hold they story of Jesus.
Egg 1 – Blue – Holds the Donkey Jesus rode to Jeruselum.
Egg 2 – Light Pink – Silver Coins Judas’ Blood Money
Egg 3 – Light Purple – Passover Cup – The Last Supper
Egg 4 – Orange – Praying Hands – The Garden of Gethsemane
Egg 5 – Green – Leather Whip – Jesus’ Trial – 39 Lashes
Egg 6 – Light Yellow – Crown of Thorns – Mocking of Jesus of “King of the Jews”
Egg 7 – Yellow – Nails Made into a Cross – Jesus’ Crucifixion
Egg 8 – Light Green – Dice – Gambling for Jesus’ Robe
Egg 9 – Purple – Soldier’s Spear – Soldier’s Pierced Jesus Side
Egg 10 – Cream – Linen Wrapping – Jesus’ Grave Clothes
Egg 11 – Pink – Stone at the Tomb – Stone Rolled Away
Egg 12 Light Blue – Empty Tomb – Jesus’ Resurrection

Oh, how I’ve used these eggs over the years and I love them. I absolutely love them. You can tell the story of Jesus simply, for younger children, or complicated for the older ones. Each egg comes with scripture related to it and a small story explaining why the item was so important to the his story. I always let the children play with them for a few minutes opening them and asking about each one, then I open them one at a time and explain to them what the egg represents and why it is important to us and our life. So, today, we opened all the eggs, talked about them several times and went to our big group and talked about Palm Sunday, heard our lesson about Jesus riding the donkey, the people waving the palm branches and calling out “Hosanna to the King”. We even had Jesus walk the hall and wave palm branches. So, after all was said and done we again started with the resurrection eggs. Heather, the other adult leader and I took turns holding up the eggs and asking the kids what was in them and why! It was amazing how many of them knew what the item was, what it was for, why people used that item. At the very end of our lesson with the eggs I asked the kids the following questions:
ME: “So what did the people do on Palm Sunday?”
KIDS: “Waved Palm Branches and yelled Hosanna to the King”
ME: “What happened on Good Friday?”
KIDS: “Jesus died?”
ME: “Why did God send is Son to die for us?”
KIDS: “Because he loves us?”
ME: “What did Jesus save us from?”
KIDS: “Our sins”
ME: “Who went to the tomb on Easter?”
KIDS: “Mary”
ME: “Why?”
KIDS: “To check on Jesus”
ME: “What did she find?”
KIDS: “An empty tomb”
ME: “Where was Jesus?”
KIDS: “He arose!!!”
ME: “So who is coming next Sunday?”
With great excitement:

Folks, I can’t make this stuff up!!! And this is why I love 4 year olds so much. Sweet, innocent, soak it all in, give truthful, honest, from the heart answers. Yes, they know the moral of this story, and that is the important part. They understand Jesus was born, performed miracles, died, and rose again for us. They understand Jesus did this for us because he loves us. I wonder what age it is they will forget this important piece of information and begin to live for themselves instead of living for Jesus. My wish for them is that it never happens. My wish is they always have the joy and excitment of the empty tomb and they live for Jesus every day from now until the day they die.
Jesus is so wonderful. He loves us. He came for us. He took the punishment for all our sins and never does he punish us, put conditions on us, stipulations. All He gives is His grace and mercy. His love. He pure, unconditional, love. All he wants is to be our best friend. I’m so happy he is mine.
So, I hope I planted a small seed today. I told the children to be thinking when they open their eyes next Sunday morning “Christ Arose today, up from the grave, he arose! With a mighty triumph over his foes!”
While they may be more excited over the chocolate bunny in the basket for now, I know someday, they will be thinking as they color eggs with their children, about the resurrection eggs they learned about in Sunday School. I hope it sparks a conversation they can have with their children and grandchildren about a precious gift, more satisfying than a hollow chocolate bunny – a gift to everyone willing to receive it – the gift of ever lasting life.

Matthew 28:5-8.