pgLet me take a moment to tell you a story about my daughter. My beautiful 17 year old ray of sunshine. She came into the world not breathing or moving…or making a sound. She only received points on the APGAR scale for color. And colorful she is. She was always smiling from the day she was born. I could take her to the store and give her something to play with in the cart and tell her we were “just borrowing it” in the store and she would be fine with placing it back on the shelf when we were done shopping. She doesn’t wear name brand clothes, eat nothing but steak, or have her hair and nails done on a weekly basis. She could care less about dresses or make up or such, but loves to get all “dolled up and go to the prom”. She reads books for pleasure, hates nature and loves cats! While battling cancer, she smiled all the time and tried to encourage the other kids that needles would only hurt for a moment, and started her own business to raise funds for Relay for Life so no other person has to fight cancer. She supports those with cancer with a passion I have never seen. She is honest is every way, and never makes me question my parenting or whether or not I can trust her at all. I love taking her shopping, letting her drive my car, listening to her plans for the future, hearing her passion for fighting for what’s right. She wakes up grumpy but in the ride to school every day listening to Pink she completely cheers up and never gets out of the car without giving me a huge hug. She loves like there is no tomorrow, respects all people, and loves God with all her heart. I am so proud she is mine and love her to the moon and back…and that’s just a little bit about my daughter!