I realize people think I over-analyze or over think things sometimes because of the words I speak.
The requests I make.
The feelings I have.
I know people don’t think I appreciate the here and now because I do voice what I feel, what I see the family unit coming too…the electronic age squelching any creativity, or spending time alone with anyone because we are so “in tune” with everyone electronically.
I do appreciate the here and now and am very thankful for everything I have, I have all the basic needs of life met, and truly, that’s all anyone really needs. We don’t need fancy TV’s, phones, cars…we don’t need to stay connected to people via the internet, skype…which is really cool, but what happened to one on one conversations? My friend, Kathy, and I used to get on our bikes in the summer and ride about 14 miles away from our house to a park and swing and talk, and then ride those 14 miles back, talking the entire time, not worrying about facebook, twitter, or what text we just received.
Kids don’t do that today, they text, twitter, email and skype…
So…in an effort not to bug anyone, I write – which is truly a great outlet because the paper doesn’t write back, it doesn’t tell me to appreciate the electronic age, it doesn’t tell me that I am living in the past and don’t appreciate life…it doesn’t tell me to be more electronically involved and forget my old fashioned ways…I could sit and write all day, about different issues, how I feel about certain political issues, religion, illness, family, friends…but today, I was thinking about all the things I miss….which are purely simple things….
I miss walks in the snow.
I miss walks on the beach.
I miss making snow men.
I miss hot chocolate after being outside.
I miss bike rides in the country.
I miss snuggling with my dog.
I miss walks in the woods with the one I love.
I miss going to the zoo.
I miss butterflies.
I miss fishing with my dad and laughing while doing so.
I miss snuggling with the one I love.
I miss hugs for no reason.
I miss shopping with my mom (who, can outshop ANYONE!)
I miss being along with the one I love and having that one on one quality time.
I miss phones which used to installed in homes with answering machines, so you really get one on one time with someone and not the constant, “let me pull out my phone and see what I may be missing while you are talking” syndrome.
I miss sitting on my parents front porch and watching the sunset.
I miss those times when my daughter would hug me for no apparent reason and then sit in my chair with me and talk.
I miss drinking wine and watching the sunset.
I miss drinking coffee on the deck in the morning and watching the geese and ducks float on the lake.
I miss (and don’t read this one if you don’t want a shock!!!) laying naked in bed after making love and talking.
I miss being spontaneous.
I miss family reunions.
I miss going out with friends and enjoying an adult evening.
I miss holidays with my grandparents.
I miss my grandparents.
I miss riding in my grandpa’s work truck and the meals my grandma used to make.
I miss the front porch at my other grandma’s house and watching “Dallas” and drinking coke with her on Friday nights – which always included a bedtime story too! No matter how old I was!
I miss sidewalk chalk!
I miss Twinkies!
Those are some things I miss right now, and when thinking and writing, took me 10 minutes to come up with…which may sound silly to some…but if you take five minutes to yourself and think about it…what do you miss?