life is so funny…you think you know where you are headed and what’s in store and get smacked in the face with a HUGE dose of reality and “things are not what you seem” life is frustrating.  You think you know where you are headed and you get hit over the head with “yeah, you think this where I am, but actually, I’m not there…only you are…have fun in your land on your own”  I get so tired of the day to day stress and I get tired of always being the last thing on everyone’s list.  Some day, people will wakeup and find I am not here any longer and then what for them?  I wonder, if I died tonight, if first off, anyone would notice, and second, would anyone regret not anwering that phone call or text from me, or would they regret not ever seeing me again…profound thought, I think not, but it’s my thought for today….that, and cake.  I would really like cake.