The holidays.  Such a joyous tradition, huh?  I know when I was younger I totally enjoyed the holidays and seeing my grandparents and when Olivia was younger, I so enjoyed shopping for her and watching her open her Santa gifts, buying the paper for Santa to wrap her presents in, having my neighbors ring the doorbell and bring her the Christmas jammies which signaled Santa was in the area and we needed to get to bed!

Now, I look at the exhaustive amount parents spend on their children, the many lists of people to buy for and it all seems silly.  For my entire adult life I have only bought for my child – sometimes she bought for my parents, but even at that, my total Christmas bill never totaled more than $300!

Last year, Olivia and I didn’t even celebrate Christmas.  Life’s circumstances made it an impossible feat, so we just enjoyed her new kitten and watching the kitten destroy the tree.   As I put up my Charlie Brown tree and thought about what I had purchased for Olivia so far, I realized, I haven’t bought a practical gift yet!  I am so proud of me for because for the first time since she has celebrated Christmas, there are no clothes, socks or underwear, it’s truly just gifts from the heart – which is the way I have always wanted it.

This year, as I thought about Christmas and all it entails, I am still amazed.  People still spend way too much on their children and other family members who really don’t need what we buy them.  It’s funny too, because people still think “things” are what will make everyone happy.  While I would truly love to participate in this gesture I also think about what I want most for Christmas, and I realize it won’t come to light, but I’ll continue to wish.

My true Christmas list looks something like this:

            No negative comments

No gossip

No spreading of rumors

True acceptance of those you say you love

No child abuse

No “buying” of love

Phone calls instead of texting

Not being the “thing you do because you have 5 minutes and I’m next on your to-do list”

Family game night

True friends – you know, the ones who really put their time into you not just say “oh we really need to get together” and then you don’t hear from them for six months!

Snow – I would love to see snow Christmas morning

Hope for a future filled with people who really love me

Olivia’s smile to continue on forever

When someone says “is there anything I can do for you?” for them to actually not ask the question, just do something nice…

More flowers – I love flowers – I would love a house full of flowers….


Oh, the list could go on and on, but I won’t bore everyone with it…I just think we put way too much emphasis on material things and not enough time spent on our fellow man, really getting to know someone and to put our efforts and time INTO someone instead of just our money. 


As I put my nativity scene around my adorable Charlie Brown tree, I realized, Charlie Brown and Linus are about the smartest people I know.  They truly understood the true meaning of Christmas, it was about God sending His son, to die for our sins, GOD knows us, loves us, and continues to want to know us…how about, if in 2013, we truly “do what Jesus did” and get to know someone we supposedly say we love.  I know 2012, I have spent more time with the one I love the most, spent more time with my beloved best friends, and have been able to put more time into my beautiful daughter, her friends and their futures.  And I have to say, it’s been the best year yet.  God Bless the Peanuts gang…they get it.  Do you?