Everyone has them every night.  I sure do, and last night I had a dream about my grandparents…they were both alive and they were both so happy with Olivia and I.  My grandpa and I rode the motorcycle and then drove his work van at what had to be 90 miles per hour across the highway.  Grandma and I cooked what seemed to be a huge dinner, but that’s what she always did.  Cooked for an army! 

I remember being a little girl and having big dreams of becoming a great singer/songwriter and being on the Michael Douglas Show – does anyone remember that show?  Or, being a huge guest on Arsenio Hall!  LOL..I know, we all dream silly sometimes and as I got older, my dreams changed. 

I wanted to go to a school in Chicago and become a photographer, but that was soon dashed, I wanted to be a school teacher and learned students in the late 80’s early 90’s needed counseling, so decided to be a psychologist…I soon I married, and my dream of finishing college changed due to circumstances out of my control.  Then I had my beautiful daughter and my dreams changed again.  And when she was diagnosed with cancer again my dreams changed.  I dreamed of opening a huge horse ranch and kids with a life-threatening or terminal illness could come and enjoy the love of horses – then I quickly realized funding for an endeavor like that was HUGE, so I am now waiting for Olivia to write her first book and buy it for me with the royalties!

Let’s be honest here, financial issues for the moment could crush me! Yet I still have huge dreams – I wake up in the morning and thank God for all my dreams.  Even though they have changed a bit.  I used to dream of having five or six kids and living on a horse ranch, being married to a doctor and fixing meals for him every night, taking a sunset ride with the kids and my dogs.  I still dream of having five or six kids, and I do, but none of them truly belong to me, I live vicariously through friends kids and Olivia’s friends.  I still dream of having horses, but usually just when I sleep I often am riding somewhere near a mountain or a small stream.  I still dream of helping terminally ill children, therefore the connection with different charities and organizations.  I still dream of being artistic, but instead of being a guest on some talk show, I spend my time writing poems, and verses that if I found the right person, could put my tunes to music.  Matt –  Are you up for the challenge? 

I still dream of having my past completely behind me (although it shaped me into who I am today), my present going quicker (so I can get rid of bills and maybe save for what I dream of), my future is so full of things I would like to accomplish my bucket list is HUGE…I dream of Olivia’s graduation from high school, her first days of college, her wedding, walking her down the aisle to the one who loves her like no other, her first dance as a wedding couple, having grandchildren and showing them off to everyone I meet! 

I dream of running another marathon and having Olivia and the one I love waiting at the finish line, I dream of being in a field of flowers picnicking with the one I love the mostest.  I dream of dancing with the one I love under the stars after saying “I do”, I dream of walking on a beach and watching Harlie play in the surf.  I dream of HUGE holiday dinners with my family and friends and Olivia’s numerous companions and enjoying laughter and love. 

I realize in a way, I am living my dreams and I hope I continue to dream, because as long as I have ideas in my head, and aspirations in my heart I will continue to grow and to strive for something whether it is obtainable or not and as I lay my head on my pillow each night, I hope to see the ones who have passed away in my dreams (are you picturing Rose and Jack here from Titantic) because they encourage me to follow my dreams as they did theirs – I hope when I wake up each morning every day is beaming with more sunrises that inspire me to write, inspire me to continue to wait for the sunset, so I can dream some more!