As I prepare for upcoming weddings of friends and births of new babies, I can’t help but constantly think of wedding vows.  You know, when people stand before God and man and promise to love, honor and cherish, and obey and to take care of in sickness and health.  But truly, what does, “forsaking all other keeping only unto thee” truly mean?  Ask an old married couple (I’m talking 60+ years of marriage) and they will tell you about how when they said their wedding vows it was just “something you did” ie you met someone, courted them, engaged then marriage!  Ask someone in the 40’s and they will tell you it’s about not having affairs, and not letting anything else come between you and your spouse, ask someone in their 20″s and they will probably tell you that it means “I’ll stick with you until something better comes along on my iphone, ipad, twitter, facebook or myspace page”.  I think about those words often because at my Uncle Steve’s funeral he used to say  and don’t quote me verbatim here “commitment is a choice…” I can’t remember the rest, and yes he is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!  Be commited to anything ( a person, a hobby, a committee, a club, etc. ) truly is a choice.  We make choices daily, I chose to go to work, I chose to take my daughter to school, I chose to pay/not pay a bill! etc. we all have so many choices to make daily and I wish sometimes people would really think about their actions and their choices.  To me, forsaking all others keeping only unto you applies to every relationship I have.  When you are with someone – no matter who is it, you are giving that person 100% of your time, and attention.  I wonder how many of us truly give 100% of ourself to our friends, a neighbor, a family member who needs us.  I wish times were simpler and we were able to shut out the phones, the internet, the twitter, emails, facebooking, ipods, Ds’s – it seems like no matter where you turn – where you go, people are checking their iphones, and ipads and not giving 100% of the attention to the LIVE PERSON sitting in front of them.  I truly believe someday “forsaking all others” will turn into “I promise to communicate with you and pay attention to you if you text, IM or email me!”  I want my family and friends to realize and to know that when I am with them, they are my 100% and I am forsaking all electronics and outside pressures to keep only unto them…life is so short – look up and out from your electonic device and see who and what is in front of you…if not, when you forsake all electronics, you may find you’re keeping only unto yourself!