I ALWAYS wanted to be a princess. From the first time I read Cinderella (and completely related) I wanted to be a princess. I wanted to get married in a castle, I wanted horse drawn carriages, I wanted a tiara – for all its intents and purposes (think of Amy Farrah Fowler in Big Bang Theory receiving hers…that would totally be me!).  I wanted to wear fancy dresses, and maybe even a glass slipper.  Not that I would want people to bow down before me (although at times, it would be nice), or to lavish me with gifts (again, not a bad thing, but truly unnecessary) – I would just like the respect.  I mean seriously, those around me wouldn’t speak unkindly because I could just say, as the queen of hearts in Alice in Wonderland “off with their heads” and my will would be done (oh the power!).  My child would always look up to me and respect me and speak to me kindly because she would admire me for all that I was (and knowing I could strip her of her title, maybe a little scared of me …lol!)… and the whole entire town would respect and love me…there might even be a day where I would be celebrated – like Queen Elizabeth recently was with her Diamond Jubilee – oh wait, I am celebrated once a year when people remember, that would be my birthday!

Seriously folks, I have followed the Royal Family of England since Lady Di came on the scene…what beauty, grace, poise – her shyness was endearing and as I recently watched a story about Prince William and Katherine and there was a clip where Lady Di and Prince William had been apart for a while and then reunited – I saw the excitment on her face and the look on his face as he ran towards her – what joy!  True mother-child love!

Ahhhh – to be a princess and be able to spend my day doing charity work, visiting the sick, the down trodden, the lonely – to be able to bring a little sunshine to the hurting, the hungry – I could build a huge home where no one would be homeless and food would be plenty – wild flowers would be everywhere – and I could rock babies to sleep at all times, gently singing to them and watching their angel eyes flutter closed, I could pass out teddy bears as I walk along the city streets…giving joy to children, getting to know them and their family….

If I could be a princess I would love to do all those things and so much more, I could spend hours writing what I would like to do, if I could be a princess…but I am merely me.  I’m not a princess, not a dutchess, not even a “lady in waiting”…I am just a girl who dreams and plans for a day of doing great things…