That’s a question I have been trying to answer for 44 years!  Thought about it even more lately as I read Kyle Idelman’s book “not a fan” and revisited that question even more while reading the book reality hit and someday I will die and what would will people say at my funeral?  Morbid?  I don’t know…I think Nicole Nordeman says it best in her song “Legacy”.  When I listen to that song I truly think about people walking around the funeral home and thinking “what would they say”?  My dad would say, I am his “little girl” and then make fun of me for wanting to grow up to be a “police cop” as I used to say; my mom would say that I am her youngest, taller daughter with stringy hair and whose face “had to be fixed so someone besides her would love her”; my sister would say, that I am her fatter, younger, not as pretty as her sister; my friend Myra would probably tell you about time we watered flowers or the many tents we built in her living room and how one night I thought – I truly did, not just think it – saw a mouse and she had to get up and move furniture to prove to me it wasn’t a mouse.  Diane would tell you I was sweet and we used to teach Sunday School together and how we used to walk every day (how I miss that due to recent knee injury and the fact that our schedules just don’t seem to coincide much) and my co-workers would tell you how I am always sweet and helpful and they can “count on me for anything”!   My daughter would tell you that I am the “one who has always been there” for her; her friends and class mates would tell you I am the constant cheerleader, always encouraging them to be the best they can be!  Does that really describe me?  Does that truly show anyone who I truly am?  I am not sure.  I don’t know that any one person mentioned truly knows me, or my heart, or what I truly want out of life, out of love, out of my career.  What strikes me most about any of this, is that only one of these people mentioned has ever truly taken the time over the past 10 years to truly get to know me, to get inside my head and walk several hurtful steps with me.  For that, I am grateful, and for that one person – you know who you are “Lady” I am eternally grateful.  My intent is to take you on a journey of where I was, and how I got to the place I am now.  It hasn’t been always pleasant, nor fun, but it made me who I am and SURPRISE I really like ME!